Thermography is a monitoring tool which gives the client
a pictorial representation of the surface temperature of the animal.  The Thermogram (scan) represents the measured heat emitted from the skin surface.
The skin of an animal is approximately 5 degrees cooler than core body temperature.  Variations in skin temperature result in tissue perfusion and blood flow in superficial veins.
The thermogram also reflects alteration of the circulation in deeper tissues so detects areas of inflammation and trauma quickly.  Thermography has the ability to detect physiological changes up to three weeks before the animal shows any clinical signs of lameness thus, allowing for preventative measurements to be implemented and minimal long term damage avoided.
Thermography also acts as a monitoring tool for injured horses and horses in competition.
The Benefits of Having a Horse Thermographically Scanned Are:
  • Regular monitoring gives the horse the opportunity to stay sound and injury free.
  • Gives the owner a better understanding of their horse's physiology and their adaptions to change, be it training or environment.
  • Informs the owner of when their injured animal is healed and ready to start work.
  • Identifies sensitivities to every day chemicals, products and training aids.
  • Identifies ill fitting saddles.
  • Identifies rider imbalances allowing for swift corrections to be made.
  • Can be used to monitor topical applications and their effects.
  • Monitors the physiological effects of travel.
Does your saddle fit your horse correctly?
Your saddle may have been fitted to your horse at the time of purchase but as your horse’s muscles have developed or altered through training and conditioning, the saddle fit may have changed.  A thermal inspection
will show the effects of the saddle on the horse’s back and will also show the effect of the rider’s balance on the saddle.  The thermal image taken can be used to work with your saddler to ensure your horse receives the correct saddle fitting.
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