Who is Equimaze?
My name is Jackie Lockett and I am the sole Proprietor of Equimaze.  I am also the owner of five Arabian horses and an international Competitor in the discipline of endurance riding.  I have trained horses for the past 25 years and during this time have been British National Champion and achieved Best Condition Awards and top ten results.  I have also supported and trained for my Daughter on the GB Team at events in South Africa, World Championships in Bahrain, European Championships in Czech Republic and at the Presidents Cup in Abu Dhabi.  My involvement has provided me with invaluable experience in understanding the effects of training, riding, changes in performance, environmental changes and the effects of equipment and travel that can be imposed on our equines.
As an owner/trainer/competitor I want my horses to remain sound and compete to their maximum potential and I aspire to help you to achieve this with your own horse/s with infrared technology.
With the aid of thermography I can monitor their training progression and ultimately prevent the consequences of injurious occurrences before it is too late.  As well as prevention infrared thermography is also useful for monitoring a horse's recovery.  The results can assist in training and rehabilitation which can be adjusted accordingly so that the horse can return to full strength as quickly as it is able.
I qualified with the Level 1 Foundation course and have now achieved Diploma (Distinction) level2 with one of the World's leading Training Companies Equitherm who are a well respected organisation within the veterinary and equine industry.  Equitherm's team consist of World class vets and Scientists including:
Sandie Chambers - One of the World's leading specialists in Equine Thermography.
David Marlin BSc (Hons) Biology & Phd - Scientist.
Dr. Rachel Murray MA VetMB MS, PhD, Dip ACVS, Dip ECVS, MRCVS.
Austin Dunne - Associate Thermography Trainer.
Andy Bathe - MRCVS - Equitherm Consultant Vet.
I am dedicated to providing a professional thermography service to the equine world that require the ultimate modality in preventative care for their horses and to identify everyday challenges and changes in their horses physiology.  Being a trained Thermographer I am experienced in setting up an appropriate environment, recognising artefacts, ensuring accurate preparation and position of the equine and follow the protocol and standardisation required to provide professional pictorial images and reports representing the thermal pattern of your horse.
Jackie will provide a service in infrared imaging and does not make a diagnostic evaluation.  The evaluation will be interpreted and given by a Vet only.
"I would definitely recommend Jackie and the service she provides. 
Before making the appointment, I had a full conversation with Jackie over the phone and she explaned the process in full. 
On the day, she was great with my young horse who was a bit nervous and suspicious of the situation!  Jackie was calm, patient and didn’t rush us and as a result of this, my horse soon relaxed.  Jackie was thorough but the process was quick and easy. 
Jackie emailed the report to me the very next day, I received a paper copy and a disc through the post and she also called me to discuss it all.  I had lots of questions which she was happy to answer! 
The findings of the thermograph were very interesting and gave us further insight into my horse’s problems.  I emailed the images to my vet who felt they were very useful.  He fully supported the recommendations that Jackie had made too.
Jackie’s knowledge of equine anatomy and make up is very good and she was able to give full explanations of the findings. 
I will be using Jackie again in the near future (a before and after look) and wouldn’t hesitate to contact her for help and further advice. 
In a nutshell, Jackie is approachable, helpful, caring, knowledgeable, experienced, reliable, efficient and professional!  Many thanks for everything, Isla, Staffordshire."   
''Jackie is very professional in the service she offers, she is very calm around the horses and all in all it is a very stress free experience for the horse. Jackie is also very prompt with following up the visit with a report and thermal images. All in all a very useful experience.''  Tricia Hirst - Team GB International Endurance Rider.
"Thanks For This - I did Marlons teeth last week and he did have some sharp points on the right hand side and a small ulcer where he was showing up hot spots".  Anna Welch BVSc BSc MRCVS
"I would like to give a big thank you to Jackie for doing the thermo thing on 3 of my horses .  All season I have been walking past Jackies display at rides(always busy rushing round things to do) with nothing more than a quick glance. But what an eye opener I would definitely recommend her to anyone with horses" - Ann Prince   
I just want to say thanks.  I think this is a classic example of where the thermography is useful.  We had some underlying issues and a misdiagnosis/missed diagnosis and queries over saddle and back.  With the thermography we were able to rule out some issues, check all over to make sure there was nothing else going on and check saddle albeit unridden.  The results definitely pinpointed assymetry and a hotspot as a basis for detailed investigation.  KP has a fracture of the ischium.  This is obviously on the side indicated by the thermography. Thanks again". Sophie O'Hara Smith.
"Having looked at the scan that Jackie did for me I was able to discover that the heat in both Banksy's hind legs  were coming from slight damage to the skin of his hocks although we still cannot discover why his hocks are not healing.  I polticed them each for a couple of days and since then the swelling has gone down and the heat dispersed. The process is simple, the results most worthwhile and I would recommend anyone with doubts about their horse's soundness to have it done.  Daisy O'Halloran (Get Smart Equine)" (Kelly Marks' Niece).
"I use Jackie’s services and am very impressed with both the results and her expertise. Jackie is calm and consistent around animals, explains herself well and gives detailed results that really help to get down to the route of the problem in a very inexpensive way. Jackie has attended clinics that I’ve run and is punctual and efficient. As well as working off her own initiative, she is very able to fit into the day’s requirements. I am delighted that Jackie has agreed to attend and present at our next event at the end of April." 
(hired more than once) - Christine Liggins
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Many thanks for coming out to scan Roo and for helping put all the images into context in such an informative and easy to understand way. I feel a lot happier about starting training for this season now I know what I'm dealing with and would highly recommend Equimaze thermography to anyone who has doubts about their horse's soundness or has very little history about any past injuries a horse has had - nothing is hidden from Jackie's camera and her knowledge of training, equine physiology and experience with competition horses means she is able to put the images into context with the work done by the horse and what it will mean for its future soundness - Lucy Sheriston
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