What is Thermal Imaging?

Equine thermography is a non-contacting device that measures surface heat patterns on the body of the horse and produces a picture.  Since your horse cannot tell you where he hurts, an infra red camera can help locate areas with changes in blood flow.  Both sides of the horse's body should have symmetrical thermal patterns.  Hot or cold asymmetries can be abnormal.  The resultant picture will show any anomaly.
What is the Thermography Technicians Role?
The Technician is trained in Equine Thermography and can provide images from appropriate views and correct positioning with the knowledge of controlling any possible artifacts.

How do I prepare my Horse?
A mud free clean and dry horse with bandages and blankets removed approx. 2 hours prior to scanning is required.  The coat should be free of any ointments or solutions and the horse should not have had any injections or anti inflammatories prior to scanning.
Where can Horses be Scanned?
Horses can be scanned in a dry shelter with an even surface out of direct sunlight.  A stable without any bedding down is ideal.  A handler is needed to position the horse for a standard set of images.
Does the Thermography Technician give a diagnosis?
No, the Technician will provide a service in infrared imaging and does not make a diagnostic evaluation.  The evaluation will be interpreted and given by a Vet only.
What will I receive?
A professional service and provision of all images taken on disc and a report usually within 24 hours of scanning.
Example report.pdf (PDF — 2 MB)
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